4 tips to handle your e-reputation

Issues related to brands and their e-reputation are growing. At a time when the web keeps track of everything that is said for an indefinite period, it seems decisive to control its communication on the Internet. Whatever the sector of activity in which you operate, you are already on the web: in a directory, on the site of your city, on a site where users give their opinion etc. No one has waited for you and we are talking about you, whether you are active or not online. The multiplication of communication media and social platforms is also going in this direction: Facebook, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, Twitter can help you as well as slow down your business; it’s up to you to master these tools.

We will discuss some tips for managing your e-reputation in this article; of course, they will not be effective without an effective monitoring strategy.

Be interested in what people say about you

There are plenty of tools, very easy to use, that will let you know what is being said about your brand, both on forums and blogs. One of the most popular is Social Mention that helps you get a list of mentions of your brand. The tool is really powerful while being easy to use. Of course, you can also use other tools that we frequently mention on this blog such as Google alert, Hootsuite, Sproutsocial etc.

Adopt an SEO strategy

Adopting a SEO strategy will have a double impact: you will better know your audience, your sector and what is said about you and, at the same time, you will be able to generate additional leads. We recommend that you actively use Google Analytics and Google Adwords for this purpose. Adwords will help you get the most out of your brand’s visibility while Google Analytics will help you get to know your visitors and the queries they are typing when they arrive on your site. You will know what keywords you need to work on your e-reputation.

Identify the influencers

With tools such as Klout you can directly target influencers in your sector. From then on, you can contact them and start a close relationship with them. They will be your best allies to control and boost your e-reputation.

Stay in permanent monitoring

The key word on the Internet is the reactivity, you or someone on your team must be constantly connected to react if necessary. In case of problems (very negative comment, bad buzz), it is necessary to react quickly to stop the bleeding. It is therefore crucial to train your team and / or your employees to the current issues of e-reputation so that they can react to the name of the company in your absence.


And you, how do you manage your e-reputation?