Adopting good manners on Twitter: 5 essential tips

By 5 October 2017September 19th, 2018Social Network

Social networks must not derogate from the good manners that one adopts in real life. Twitter, like other social networks also has its label. So here are some tips to definitely adopt good-ways on Twitter.

  1. Do not send too many close tweets

Sending too many tweets during a too short interval of time has the effect of polluting the news stream of its followers and consequently a loss of attention on their part. They no longer see the essential information. A small exception to the rule: retweet a live event. In this case, it is not embarrassing to publish at reduced interval on Twitter.

  1. Use hashtags judiciously

Using too many hashtags makes the tweets unreadable. It is best not to use more than two hashatgs per tweet. In general, it is also advisable to avoid the use of custom hashtags that often only have fun on your own.

  1. Do not send automatic messages to each new subscriber

Many accounts use automatic messages to thank each new subscriber and take advantage of it to promote their business or their own image or services. However, this type of message is generally perceived by users who consider them spam. This kind of messages is to be avoided, although they have the advantage of generating numerous visits to the promoted site.

  1. Thank you wisely

It is quite normal to thank those who have re-advertised one of your publications or mentioned you. This is one of the fundamental elements of the engagement on Twitter and helps to initiate conversation among members of the social network. However, it is useless to thank each person or brand that follows you, the only result will be to pollute the flow of activity of its followers. To show appreciation, it is best to thank this person by retweetting one of his tweets.

  1. Interact and pay attention to its followers

Mentioning and retweeting its followers is very important since it allows to create engagement and to challenge them on a subject. This also encourages its followers to do the same in return. On this subject you can consult our article which explains why to answer the tweets of its customers.

Do you have any other tips for adopting good manners on Twitter?