Artificial intelligence, RankBrain and SEO

By 28 June 2018September 19th, 2018SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Google injects the artificial intelligence of RankBrain into its algorithm

A new system called RankBrain allows Google to better handle queries. It would have major repercussions on the ranking of results.

Do you know the RankBrain? Launched in 2015 by Google, this new artificial intelligence system allows the famous American search engine to better handle certain queries. RankBrain helps Google analyze the complex queries entered by users. It refines and interprets requests still unpublished, about 15% of requests (450 million requests per day). This artificial intelligence system is taking an increasingly important place in Google’s algorithm.

According to the SEO specialists, RankBrain is already the 3rd most important criteria in terms of SEO, behind the words (content) and links. The influence of Artificial Intelligence in the Google engine rankings initially only related to long line queries, but increasingly extends to more traditional queries. This factor takes into account the rating of the user experience and the criteria of relevance (user reviews …).

Machine learning

According to Greg Corrado, researcher at Google, RankBrain is able to remove ambiguities in the face of an unknown expression, he guesses its meaning and filters the results reassembled accordingly. The system is based on what is called Deep Learning, a vector representation of natural language processing. For this, it is based on connections between words, called vectors.

Based on gigantic quantities of words and pieces of sentences already identified (thank you big data), the artificial intelligence manages to “understand” words or phrases of previously unpublished sentences, to guess what they correspond. All learning RankBrain comes offline: search history is given to him from time to time, in batch mode.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

According to the creators of RankBrain, the system has performed better than (human) researchers on some tests, and users seem to prefer the results when RankBrain is solicited. Google says it has tested the technology, by submitting to its engine engineers several query results, and asking them which they think Google would put in first position.

They have seen just 70%. RankBrain did better with 80% success. While RankBrain was originally designed to meet the demands of the original, the artificial intelligence system is now used for most queries on Google, hence its growing influence in the criteria of SEO.