Boost your visibility thanks to a SEO audit

When your company’s website is online, tracking and improving its search engine positioning is essential. To appear on the first page of results, especially in the key-phrases related to your business, a SEO audit is required.

Above all, respect the optimization criteria…

The non-respect of the SEO rules, often forgotten in favor of the design at the time of the creation of the site, can affect its SEO. The low optimization of content or the lack of training in web writing contributors also limits its visibility on the Web.

Another potential problem, without a well-thought view tree and a correct coding that facilitates the reading and understanding of each page, the site will be difficult to see on Google and other search engines.

You don’t survive? Perform a SEO audit

The SEO audit aims to identify the obstacles to a satisfactory SEO of your site and consequently, to define the actions to be taken to remedy them. The goal is to make it present on the generic expressions related to your activity.

The progress of a SEO audit

Each agency may have its own approach, but some phases are unavoidable:

  • Position analysis,
  • Determination of relevant expressions / keywords,
  • Technical study to identify sources of blockage,
  • Verification of content and its optimization, and scan links pointing to the site (netlinking).

On the basis of this information, the service provider makes recommendations or develops a real SEO strategy. It can offer more relevant content or create an editorial policy, offer writing training, integrate social media, clean up or increase your linking…

The criteria for choosing a SEO agency

For an optimal result, a SEO audit must be entrusted to a SEO agency. But with the multiplicity of market players, the selection of the right provider imposes some precautions.

Systematically ask the candidates to justify their experience in missions or a similar problem; if necessary, contact the clients cited as references.

And if you plan to launch another site, don’t forget to work on SEO from the design stage.