Business blog, create a rich and engaging content

By 6 November 2017September 19th, 2018Marketing Strategy, Web Design & Development

A company blog with a consistent editorial line is not only a good point to cultivate credibility but it is also an important asset for SEO (Google is indeed liking of new editorial content).

However, if creating a business blog allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field, you should broaden your horizon and make the reader want to come back regularly. Here are some tips to make a corporate blog the daily appointment of Internet users.

  1. Show behind the scenes

Playing transparency, inviting readers into the daily life of the company amounts to gaining the confidence of its readership. Interviewing an employee, showing the progress of an ongoing project or the undertones of a campaign can increase curiosity and contribute to valuing the company from another angle.

  1. Share success stories

Nothing is more engaging than an enthusiastic article that shares a success of the company. This approach contributes to the brand’s story-telling by insisting on the decisive stages of its evolution.

  1. Who is behind the blog?

A reader is all the more likely to feel close to a blog if he knows the authors. A brief overview of the editorial team is a good way to give a touch of humanity and benchmarks to readers. An offbeat presentation with a small anecdote about the author or just his name and function are welcome at the bottom of an article. Why not propose a category where one can search the articles by author.

Going beyond its expertise on a corporate blog, creating proximity with its readership by presenting the editorial team, revealing the behind the scenes of the company are all ways to retain its readership and make the blog more mike a promotional space.

And how do you animate your corporate blog?