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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
5 July 2018

SEO with storytelling, forward stories

Once upon a time there were beautiful texts that, beyond the Atlantic, formed beautiful stories ... The purpose of these stories? Seduce, captivate, amuse, retain and ultimately ... convince and…
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
28 June 2018

Artificial intelligence, RankBrain and SEO

Google injects the artificial intelligence of RankBrain into its algorithm A new system called RankBrain allows Google to better handle queries. It would have major repercussions on the ranking of…
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
14 June 2018

#linkbaiting: natural hook of #netlinking

Linkbaiting is a netlinking technique to get more backlinks and improve visibility. What are the key factors of this strategy? What is linkbaiting? You all know how important it is…
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
15 June 2017

Improve your bounce rate: start by graphics and design of your website

Whether professionals or individuals, creating a site can be essential to promote products or services or to share projects or information. But it is also necessary that this site is…
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