What is the difference between user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)?

By 2 March 2018September 19th, 2018Web Design & Development

User Interface or UI definition

The user interface is the link between the human and the machine. This is the finished product presented to the user that will allow him to surf pleasantly on a site. The UI can be summed up in the organization of graphical and textual elements to propose a pleasant and attractive whole. It comes first in the form of graphic models to show the client to validate them.

It is based on technical standards, which can be learned methodically.

User Experience or UX Definition

The user experience is well upstream of the UI. It makes it easier for the user to navigate so that he can easily reach his goal. First, an ergonomic audit must be carried out to define all the important points that will have to be addressed for the ergonomics of the future site.

UX is based on the sensitivity of Internet users.

UX aims to make a website more:

  • useful, with features in place
  • usable, with ease of use
  • desirable, because a good visual appeal that is important in humans
  • ergonomic, so as not to waste time looking for information that interests us
  • accessible, that is to say, easy to find on the web, which requires a job of referencing
  • credible, because a good UX makes it possible to reinforce the quality of the site

To sum up, UX design is about thinking and designing a website so that the user experience is the best possible.

5 plans to build a good website under UX:

  • The strategy was used to define the user’s needs and therefore the site’s objectives
  • The content of the site, as well as its functionalities defined according to the objectives
  • The structure or architecture of the site, that is to say the sequence of pages
  • The skeleton for defining the clarity and readability of a page (also called wireframe)
  • The visual aspect or the models that will make the whole thing more desirable.

The UI intervenes several times in this process to offer a nice envelope and to create a functional design that inspire confidence and gives credibility to your site.

UX is not UI but UI is UX

You will understand, the UX is not comparable to the UI.

The user experience is not just about surfing on a nice design page. The UI is clearly not enough for a user experience to be enjoyable. It is as if you are packing a pretty paper empty cardboard … The UI must be the result of a more in-depth work, that of the global consideration of the needs of the user.

If the two concepts can’t be dissociated, they must not be confused. Limiting your vision of the user experience (UX) to the user interface (UI) does not provide a final product: a functional interface and intuitive, that fulfills its promises, and (especially) that suits your audience. Think about it!