E-influence strategy, how to identify the good influencers?

By 30 August 2018September 19th, 2018Marketing Strategy

Blog, Instagram, YouTube… influencers are today real social phenomena that have their own awards ceremony and also invade the small screen. As true queens and kings of a community, they share their opinions, offer advice and create trends through blog posts, tweets, photos and videos. These new influencers are a real opportunity for brands and an alternative to traditional communication channels by becoming ambassadors of a product or service.

E-influencers, whether through their blog or social networks, can reach a much more qualified audience than more general channels. The strength of the delivered message is also multiplied: communities that follow these influential people tend to trust them and the messages they deliver are similar to those of an industry expert. A good point for your brand: someone else is talking about you, is addressing a qualified audience, who also gives credit to the influence of this influencer.

You will understand, deliver a message to a qualified target via a relevant influencer is very effective but still need to identify it … From Twitter to Instagram via blogs and professional social networks, the web is full of Internet users. But whether you are embarking on a strategy of linking or marketing influence, better beware of appearances. False community, a blogger a little too opportunistic, purchased followers, blog of poor quality, … to flush out the traps can take time, but your communication action will be all the more effective.

# 1 – Use Google Search

While it may seem hard to do, Google search is still very effective at finding blogs or sites related to your products or services. The goal? Brew wide to give yourself every chance to find blogs and sites of interest. For that, look for related but also more specific expressions about your activity. For example, use the “allintitle” command to find articles that have already been written on the topic. A work certainly consistent, but that allows you to establish a list of potential blogs to be purified then according to other criteria.

# 2 – Check the blogrolls

Once your blogs are found, do not forget to consult their BlogRoll: it is about a list of “friends” blogs, very often in the same universe or thematic as the consulted blog. This BlogRoll, not always present, however, can be full of good surprises: most often when we have a qualitative blog, we tend to make links to other quality blogs. Thus, blogroll will allow you to enrich your list of e-influencers even more. Serendipity is the key!

# 3 – Surf the dedicated platforms

There are platforms, rankings and other directories on the internet that group a number of sites classified by theme. Not everything is good, but these sites are a breeding ground for potential influential bloggers for your brand.

# 4 – Analyze the link profiles of your competitors

To give yourself some ideas, nothing beats a small detour on the side of the competition. Using link profile analysis tools like Majestic SEO, analyze the linking strategy of your competitors: if we often find directories and partner sites, we sometimes find some interesting blogging ideas.

# 5 – Pay attention to your selection

After seeing all potential sources of e-influencers for your brand, comes the time of sorting. Here we adopt a quantitative and qualitative logic. Quantitative at first, because of course, we want the message in question to reach the widest possible audience. And qualitative because the size of the community is not enough as a sole criterion, it is still necessary that the audience of the influencer is interested and committed: in short a true community!

# 6 – Define the nature of the partnership

Did you find the ideal influencer? Have you read his articles and convinced that he is THE perfect person to talk about your brand? Well done! Just the time to define the nature of the partnership you want to make with him. He will undoubtedly be looking for quality content that will bring real added value to his audience and / or financial compensation. In any case, when making contact, you can explain your needs and, if he wants to partner with your brand, hear his requests. However, if you have managed to create an exchange with the influencer, you are on the right track. Keep in mind that, as part of strategy e-influence, they are increasingly solicited and therefore selective: it will be up to you then to know how to find the right arguments to convince him.


As you can see, the strategy of e-influence or marketing influence can be very time-consuming and the success of your project remains conditioned by a solid methodology. Activis helps you put in place an effective strategy of influence marketing to improve the image or the notoriety of your brand by a targeted communication with a qualified audience.