Facebook Pages Tips for small companies

By 10 May 2018September 19th, 2018Social Network

In constant evolution since their creation in 2007, corporate Facebook pages are a golden opportunity to become known for small companies. To effectively federate their fan community, here’s a list of tips to follow.

  1. Exploit the possibilities of the Timeline

The Timeline, launched in 2012, was specially designed to promote business pages. First, the cover photo highlights the news of the company. Do not hesitate to change it regularly by illustrating the company’s news with a photo or referring to a specific period of the year. (Christmas, holidays, Valentine’s Day …)

In addition, highlighting a post across the width of the page draws the attention of fans to it. Just click on the star-shaped tab at the top right of the post and you’re done.

Another tip is to lock a particular publication at the top of the page. Release of a new product? News in the life of the company? If the subject of the post is for a long time, it can be programmed to stay at the top of the page. It will be visible to fans at each of their visit. To do this, simply click on the little pencil at the top right of the post and then select the “Pin to top of pag” option. The post can be on the front page for seven days in a row.

  1. Feeding with quality content

Producing quality content every day is not easy. Thus, while it is important to create original content yourself, one can also rely on information shared by industry experts. The ideal is to strike a balance between news about the company sector and original postings about your business.

  1. Being human and playing the proximity

Fans follow a company on Facebook because they like it but also to have fun and share their world. Therefore, do not hesitate to be “human”. Thus, it can be interesting to highlight the employees via: who is responsible for what in the team. Who joined the team recently?

Moreover, being human also involves transparency: lack of spelling, confusion, misinformation? The best option is to acknowledge that you made a mistake, with humor and good humor, thanking the people who reported it.

  1. Banking on regularity

Regularity is the key to success in many areas and especially on Facebook. Nothing more annoying than a page left abandoned for three months and flooded with posts for a week. Posting two or three times a week is a good average, with which the long-term results are convincing.

The best time to post is a debate: shopkeepers and restaurants will benefit from posting between 9am and 2pm. In general, there is a peak commitment on Wednesday.

  1. Celebrating your victories

Without playing the swagger, there is no harm in sharing its small victories with fans. A laudatory article in a magazine or prize won is an opportunity to let him know via a post. Success is engaging and brings credibility to the company.

  1. Reply to comments

Because Facebook is above all a place of dialogue and sharing, responding to those who interact with the company is essential. A comment, a reflection? It should be answered by being as responsive as possible. And if the comment is negative or particularly critical, we must not forget that it will be visible to all. It is advisable to respond with diplomacy and humor rather than erase it, ignore it or choose the ostrich policy.

By applying these tips and with a little assiduity, small businesses will win the hearts of their fans. And you, what are your tips for managing the page of a small company?