Good practices once your site is online

Putting your website online is often a particularly exciting time, but the work does not stop here for this tool to have the desired effect on your customers.

The launch should be only the beginning of your communication strategy, because to ensure its success you must put all the chances on your side to give it a good visibility especially for the users you target. To do this a few good practices to implement will help you reach your goals.

SEO is a key to long-term success:

Your target uses Google daily to search for thousands of terms related to its issues, it is essential to think as your consumers to define their probable research.

The technical structure of your website also has a significant impact on your SEO, which is why it is important to call on professionals so that the construction of the site code is in line with the standards of search engines.

Creating your editorial content also has a strong impact on your positioning in search results. Having relevant and original content often makes the difference, it is important to find the keywords that you have previously defined in the types of research of your target, without multiplying them to not make everything indigestible. Always keep in mind that the content should be attractive and useful to your users.

Setting up “Backlinks”, or incoming links to your site, is a way to see it go back on Google. To do this, it is necessary to find sites related to your sector of activity or to complete your offer.

Natural SEO is something that works in the long term, and these actions will not have an instant impact on your visibility, but it is essential to put them in place at the launch of the site in order not to waste time.

For visibility today, use AdWords:

If you are not ready to wait for good visibility, and you want to directly base your website over your competition, it will probably be necessary to go through this step.

AdWords uses key phrases and you pay for each click, so it’s important to set up a good keyword search strategy to ensure the relevancy of users who will arrive on your site via these links.

Social networks, for a quantitative commitment:

If your website needs mass visibility, social networking is essential, regardless of your industry. And by creating and implementing a social media strategy, you ensure consistency in your brand communications. They also allow you to test different tones of communications to see if your target is receptive or not.

Google Analytics, to make the right decisions:

Understand and analyze the flaw in your communication is often pledge of success, the questioning is essential when one wishes to approach a market.

This tool will allow you to see if certain pages of your site are not consulted, in order to manage differently the user’s route to give them a better visibility. You will also have access to their navigation path, their location, and their browsing time.

This information should allow you to react quickly and adapt your tool according to the use that has made.

Your website is alive:

Unlike paper communications, your website can and must evolve over time. From the moment of conception, it is recommended to provide spaces for highlighting new products or services, to communicate about changes or advances in your sector of activity, or to create new content in the form of articles. specialized to generate their own traffic.