Graphic chart redesign, a good thing to boost your site positioning!

By 14 December 2017September 19th, 2018Graphic Studio

Why redesign your graphic charter?

The graphic charter is used to group all the company’s visual identification codes into a single digital or printed document. Once established, the charter serves as the basis for the creation of any other visual or communication medium. A good graphic charter ensures a consistent and solid consistency thus enabling your company not only to stand out, but also to obtain an image of stability over time. Several elements must be taken into account when drawing up a graphic charter.

A logo and a slogan

These are the two basic elements, primordial to any graphic charter. The logo allows direct identification while marking the reader. The slogan reinforces or supports the management of the logo with a direct or clear sentence or statement that is immediately associated with the company and is easy to remember.

Typography and colors

All information must be accessible and readable by the visitor. The writing font must also be carefully chosen. Indeed, if it is often preferable to use only one for the logo, it is also necessary to think of unifying all the rest of your communications media: titles, body of text, etc.

The typography used must also be carefully chosen as well as the colors used. Harmonizing colors and creating a color unit or slice contrast is also a question to be asked when establishing the charter.

Refocus your graphic charter to optimize its positioning on the web

The web is nowadays the number of tool of communication for companies. If having a website is a fundamental for the digital marketing of the brand, knowing how to adapt its charter to the constraints of the web is a completely different thing, but that will bring you a lot.

Indeed, not all fonts are accepted by all web browsers, and one should think of using one that is universally usable in order to maintain its consistency no matter where it is read.

Colors also, once defined, must be transcribed in all the chromatic equivalents adapted to each medium: mail, print, web … For the web, it is important to specify which background color should be used to match that of the typo.

A good graphic charter adapted to the needs of the web will avoid you from falling into the pitfalls of digital marketing. Adapted to the constraints of the web, you can facilitate the exposure of your identity on the internet: easier to identify yourself, or to appear at the top of the results in the search engines.