How to choose and reserve a domain name?

By 28 April 2016September 19th, 2018Web Design & Development

The domain name of a website is its Internet address for access and route them email.

The choice of the domain name has a major impact in terms of marketing (brands, products, activities …) and SEO. It is becoming a critical element of your Internet communications and potentially other media.

When and how to choose a domain name?

The selection and booking of the domain name must be made at the earliest during the company’s creation phase, as well as the name of a brand. Imagine your face if it is already booked with another suffix (.org, .com, .net) or the property of a competitor or cybersquater.

The address of your website will usually and mails

Typically, the domain is usually the name of your brand, your products or your company. Your domain name must follow some syntax rules imposed by technical constraints, the letters a to z (no accents) are allowed, and the numbers 0 through 9, hyphens & underscores.

What extensions to choose a domain name?

According to the domain name chosen, it can be strongly advised to file its name to the minimum for the three extensions (.com, .net).
Essentially intended to designate a commercial site, it is also the most commonly used extension. If you are located in France, the .com is required, it allows better visibility, it also protects your domain name in .com filed. .net Is also commonly used, to book it avoids losing a visitor when he grabbed the wrong website address.

Domain Name reservation: Who? Where? When? How? How much? Why?

  • Who: You or your web agency, if you want to do it alone, don’t hesitate to seek advice.
  • Where: Focus on the reservation with your future host for simplicity.
  • When: As soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • How: By going to OVH, or Gandhi for example, equipped with a credit card (you can as well pay by transfer and other).
  • How much: The total amount depends on the number of reserved extensions and related services (mail, auto-renewal), indication. Some web hosts offer great discounts on additional extensions.
  • Why: No reservation, no domain name, no website.

To sum up, the choice of domain name deserves careful thought and requires a few steps to take, choice and good management (renewal) are crucial to your website. If you have doubts or questions, it is the right time to take advice from a web agency.