Improve your bounce rate: start by graphics and design of your website

By 15 June 2017September 19th, 2018SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Whether professionals or individuals, creating a site can be essential to promote products or services or to share projects or information. But it is also necessary that this site is well positioned to reach a certain number of visitors. Web professionals have adopted special techniques to improve their visibility on the Internet.

However, once users have access to it, the time they spend and the amount of research they have done can judge the usefulness of the site. It is then that the principle of the rate of rebound is evoked. At the creation of the site, some parameters can lead to improve this rate, including graphics, computer graphics and design.

Sine qua non conditions to reduce a bounce rate

Bounce rate is a performance index of a site. If a user lingers on a platform and browses the contents in their entirety, it can be said that the site aspires to him interests more or less great. If he hurries to leave or just browses the first page and prefers to scroll to other links, it is because in the end this site is not as interesting as the operator would have liked.

In this case, we are talking about high bounce rates. It is possible that the marketing strategy or the filling of the content did not have a great effect on the visitor. But it is equally likely that the presentation of the site has not been very effective and that the operator should think of reviewing some elements to reduce its rate of rebound. Right from the start, it must rely on good graphic layout and a more accentuated overall design.

Help from experienced graphic design specialists to revolutionize your site

Graphic studios like Gini Concept Design are very experienced in graphic design, computer graphics and web design. Aware that the visual aspect is an important parameter in the creation and development of a site, they strive to design projects and techniques tailored to make it more attractive.

It is assumed that a user is seduced more by the visual than by the structure and the content itself. Nevertheless, designs must also be made on these elements. Ergonomics and practicality are no longer sufficient to bid the presentation.

These talented artists also rely on a very beautiful avant-garde presentation and a distinctly renovated technology, and thus bring comfort and aesthetics worthy of the users.