#linkbaiting: natural hook of #netlinking

By 14 June 2018September 19th, 2018SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Linkbaiting is a netlinking technique to get more backlinks and improve visibility.

What are the key factors of this strategy?

What is linkbaiting?

You all know how important it is to have inbound links to boost the SEO and visibility of your website on classic search engines, keywords are not enough to do all the work.

Netlinking allows you to ask and influence partners, bloggers to create a link back to your blog. Linkbaiting is a different variant, this strategy is that backlinks are created and shared naturally without you having to ask anything. Only one thing counts “the content”.

What kind of content?

For this technique to work, the content must be original, captivating and interesting, readers must take the initiative of themselves to share and disseminate this content, they must feel the desire and the need to do so is the birth of the creation of natural external links.

The essential keys to a good linkbaiting

  • Visibility on different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter …)
  • The choice of the time slot in which to post the article (schedule where there is the most traffic on your website)
  • A trendy subject and revisited to your own style (this is where you have to be creative to offer quality content)
  • Your article must be unique (the content must not be duplicated and paraphrased on other websites)

The issues of linkbaiting in the short and long term

  • In the short term: increase and attract more visitors to your blog, the goal is to bring regular and loyal readers who will interact on your platform
  • In the long term: the creation of quality links on other sites, forums or blogs that will redirect to your quality article

The negative aspect of this natural link

This strategy seems easy to implement but in reality it is more complex than we think.

The worst case that can happen using this method is the creation of “bad buzz” on your site. It’s enough that the content you have published is too poor or controversial so that the backlinks that will be created to your blog are bad and may harm your e-reputation.

No method is 100% reliable, but linkbaiting remains above all one of the best techniques to optimize your website, boost your visitor flow and thus lead to the creation of natural links.

This is a viral method of netlinking that encourages the user to make the buzz for you to attract the maximum number of visitors in your interest!

Linkbaiting is like a game of big game fishing!