Which online source of information influences the purchasing behavior of consumers?

By 7 June 2018September 19th, 2018Marketing Strategy

Before making an act of purchase, whether online or in store afterwards, consumers have become used to inquiring about the product or service on the Internet and to consult the opinion Internet users. Some sources of information appear to have more credit than others for consumers.

Merchant sites, brand sites and blogs: the winning trio

We note that far ahead of all other sources of information, commercial sites remain the main source of information for consumers. 56% of them say they are considered as one of the sources most likely to influence their buying behavior. Then follow the sites of brands and blogs that 31% of Internet users consider a source influencing their buying behavior.

Blogs are therefore one of the sources of information favored by Internet users. Why this success? One of the main explanations is that internet users find themselves in bloggers. The latter place themselves as the average user of a product and distill their good and bad points. Above all, consumers give real credit to the opinions of bloggers they consider honest and sincere in testing products and services.

The independence of bloggers towards brands is therefore essential to this credibility. By giving their opinion on a product, bloggers have a considerable influence on the purchasing behavior of consumers, hence the more or less (badly) attempts of brands to seduce them through blogger relations.

Facebook influences consumers more than other social networks

There is difficulties for some social networks to convince their audience. Indeed, barely 8% of Internet users say they are influenced in their buying behavior by what is said on Twitter, and Instagram seduced by its recommendations only 3% of consumers.

In contrast, we see that Facebook is doing much better because 30.8% of consumers say they are influenced in their buying behavior by what is said on Facebook. Thus, we understand the importance for brands to have control over what is said about them on Facebook and therefore to promote their content themselves.

What sources of online information do you most influence your purchases?