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Marketing Strategy
30 August 2018

E-influence strategy, how to identify the good influencers?

Blog, Instagram, YouTube... influencers are today real social phenomena that have their own awards ceremony and also invade the small screen. As true queens and kings of a community, they…
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2 August 2018

Can we really measure the R.O.I. of the social media?

Measure ROI: a difficult calculation The Social Media is beginning to be heard in the communication strategy of companies, the budgets allocated are therefore increasingly significant, hence the interest of…
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
5 July 2018

SEO with storytelling, forward stories

Once upon a time there were beautiful texts that, beyond the Atlantic, formed beautiful stories ... The purpose of these stories? Seduce, captivate, amuse, retain and ultimately ... convince and…
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
28 June 2018

Artificial intelligence, RankBrain and SEO

Google injects the artificial intelligence of RankBrain into its algorithm A new system called RankBrain allows Google to better handle queries. It would have major repercussions on the ranking of…
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
14 June 2018

#linkbaiting: natural hook of #netlinking

Linkbaiting is a netlinking technique to get more backlinks and improve visibility. What are the key factors of this strategy? What is linkbaiting? You all know how important it is…
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Marketing Strategy
7 June 2018

Which online source of information influences the purchasing behavior of consumers?

Before making an act of purchase, whether online or in store afterwards, consumers have become used to inquiring about the product or service on the Internet and to consult the…
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Marketing Strategy
31 May 2018

Choose the most appropriate advertising format suited to its objectives

Before creating a Facebook Ads campaign, it is necessary to set goals and a specific strategy to properly and effectively target your audience. The goals of a Facebook advertising campaign…
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Marketing Strategy
24 May 2018

Native advertising : why and how it works ?

The emergence of the term "native advertising" in the early 2010s, in a context of questioning traditional advertising formats. In 2011 in particular, Solve Media ironically about the phenomenon of…
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