SEO with storytelling, forward stories

By 5 July 2018September 19th, 2018SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Once upon a time there were beautiful texts that, beyond the Atlantic, formed beautiful stories … The purpose of these stories? Seduce, captivate, amuse, retain and ultimately … convince and sell. Because this technique, called storytelling, is in fact a powerful marketing tool that, after having conquered the “classic” communication media and then crossed the ocean, is blazing its wings in the crucial field of search engine optimization.

Storytelling is above all a typical Anglo-Saxon marketing technique. Its principle lies in its name, which literally means “telling a story”. But inevitably, the story here is aimed, by capturing attention, to give confidence in a brand and to generate interest in one of its products. Storytelling pulls the chord of emotion: a great way to differentiate yourself from classic business content and create buy-in. What’s better than laughter, surprise or compassion to make an impression? This is changing traditional marketing, more inclined to associate products with needs.

If the concept seems hard to understand to you, some examples of advertising campaigns based on storytelling should enlighten you. Just a few years ago, did you know for example that the Twix right and left are made in two separate factories because of a terrible dispute between their creators? Since the brand used storytelling in its TV ad, you are aware. Thanks to TV storytelling, you have also learned that Justin Bridou is the true inventor of social networks, that grandfathers have been offering Werther’s Originals for their grandchildren for a very long time, you have come to know the gallery of fruity characters at home.

The Web loves storytelling, who loves the Web

In recent years, storytelling has conquered the Web. Why ? Because it responds perfectly to one of Google’s requirements: the publication of quality Web content. He thus took a place of choice in the arsenal of the perfect referencer. Because writing quality texts for humans as search engines is not always easy if you pursue a strictly commercial objective. Storytelling largely solves the “writer’s block” problem and finds its place on the Web.

  • Writing a story means having a powerful creative source: ideal for combining texts and optimizing the pace of updating a website.
  • Web-based commercial texts tend to look alike. With storytelling, you create the difference and you interest the user.
  • If interested, this same user will stay on your web pages for a long time. A “detail” that will certainly not go unnoticed by Google …

Writing a story allows you to get out of the way of SEO optimization, even if keywords and anchors still find their place. Clearly, storytelling has everything to please search engines!

A SEO technique adapted to blogs and social networks

One more question: on the Web, where to publish your storytelling?

First solution: the website of your brand / company. But depending on your area of activity, a showcase site is not necessarily the best place to publish long and frequently completed texts, or to federate a community and create an emotional attachment to a product. Fortunately, two community supports solve this problem perfectly.

Social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… are excellent platforms for developing a strong relationship between a product and a community. By telling a story, you create a sense of belonging and even a kind of addiction among consumers. All, of course, for the benefit of a product. All this, especially, by generating inbound links and content through the viral sharing of your publications. A gold mine in terms of SEO.

The blog

For every company, the blog represents a valuable source of incoming links and SEO. Provided of course to find topics of articles and to update it frequently … The storytelling makes it possible to create quality texts continuously. By presenting the story of your brand or showcasing its products, you will keep the users in suspense and establish a unique relationship with them.

Convinced by the benefits of storytelling? If so, you just have to write … Where to find the pen that will magnify your stories in a Web perspective.