The logo is the image of the company

By 29 June 2017September 19th, 2018Graphic Studio

How to make a “good logo”

A logo represents the image of your company, it is either an image, a letter and sometimes both. It may seem easy to create your logo, but it is more difficult than you might think. Here are some tips to help you create a good eye-catching logo in a few lines

The double meaning

The two-way logo can also be called intelligent logo. Indeed, this type of logo makes use of a little game of mind and is known to be memorable. It does not only indicate one thing but two. With the design, the two symbols blend together and appeal to the minds of the people who watch it to identify the two symbols.

The Colour

Color is very important in a logo, it has to attract the eye and curiosity of people. Indeed, it is communicative and gives ideas, but it also gives context to the form. The colors must be alive to illustrate the context.

Forget clichés

The design of the logos has its own tendency. Indeed, it changes every two or three years and to stay always at the top it is necessary to know how to follow the movement. All that is classic is not to be banished but, you just need to know how to modernize it by following the novelties in the world of logos designs.

Identity and simplicity

A good logo must have an identity, ie it must be unique and recognizable among thousands of logos. It is this uniqueness that will make that by seeing your logo, people will understand immediately what product or service it is. To have this identity, it is not necessary to make complicated, although sometimes simplicity seems complicated. Staying simple and unique is not to be neglected.

Knowing the meaning of the logo

You are ready to go, you have seen an web design agency to create your business online, then a graphic studio to let you know with brochures, business card or leaflets then a communication agency for your logo design. But, do you know the meaning of the logo? Your logo tells a story, that of your company and your missions. It is therefore very important to know it. It may even surprise you when you explain the meaning to them and this is very appreciated by the customers.

To conclude, a logo is not so obvious to create, especially if it has a hidden meaning, so it is recommended to call on a designer specializing in this domain.