When it is time to redesign your website, questions to ask

By 26 April 2018April 3rd, 2019Web Design & Development

At the beginning of the internet, it was common to think that once a site was realized we could keep it for a long time … a very long time. Now, a site is getting old. So here, your site may have known one, two, or even three redesigns. It is now something common. If he has not known any … it will come. Still, a redesign must be considered well upstream. The following are the good questions to ask when considering this thorny step.

Think as much about the ease of use as the beauty of design

It’s very human, we often want to have a beautiful site, in the aesthetic sense of the word. Only sometimes, the “beautiful” is at the expense of the “functional”, sites in flash or with very large images are sometimes not optimized. Remember the goal of your site: to gain notoriety, to increase its turnover? These decisive factors must be taken into account when preparing the redesign. The driving idea must be to prioritize the information optimally so that your website is only a link between the user and your goal.

Mourn an “eternal” website, observe the best practices of the moment and know that they are temporary

As I said in the introduction, redesigns are a normal thing in the life of a website. We must therefore mourn a website that could last forever! As in all areas, there are “trends” and good practices. I remember for example a time when the menus were always left (sometimes with a beautiful frame) and where the footers were tiny. These were good practices in the 2000s! Today, take care of what is happening in your industry and on the web. Look everywhere and inspire yourself. Nothing is easier with the development of social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram.

Follow the key steps

In order to successfully redesign a site, the following steps must be followed:

  • define strategic objectives: your website must have a higher interest, it is only there to serve this interest ;
  • respect web standards: good practices, conventions, etc. ;
  • assign a project manager to this task: we must make the link between creativity and technique;
  • test, re-test and test your new design: the devil is hiding in the details
  • don’t worry: sites are upgradeable, nothing prevents you to publish a beta and improve it gradually.


And you, do you plan to redesign your website soon?