Understand of the decline of organic range on Facebook

By 8 March 2018September 19th, 2018Social Network

In recent times, many people have complained about declining the organic range of their Facebook pages. Brian Boland, Marketing Manager at Facebook, recently posted an article to answer all these questions … without providing sufficient answers for many of us.


What is organic reach on Facebook?

The organic reach on Facebook represents the total number of people who saw a publication not supported financially on Facebook following its diffusion on a page. It opposes the paid scope which represents the number of people who saw a publication as a result of paid advertising.

Why is the organic reach on Facebook declining steadily?

Brian Boland, explains in his official note that you can find here, that there are two explanations to this observation. The first is that more and more content is created every day on Facebook. Indeed, today it is easier thanks to smartphones to publish photos, important moments, places where you go. This makes it impossible to see all the content posted at the same time. At the same time, the more people like new Facebook pages, the more the competition between the contents of these pages in the news feed increases.

The second explanation advanced concerns the fact that rather than showing all the content available on the news page, it is designed to show Facebook users the most relevant content for each of them. Among the thousands of stories that the user might encounter (it is estimated that on average each user could be offered up to 1500 news per day), the news feed selects 300. To do this, the algorithm takes into account many factors for each person to determine which story is most relevant to each.

How to adopt an effective strategy in the face of these evolutions?

“Just like television, search engines, newspapers, radio and potentially any type of marketing platform, Facebook is far more efficient for businesses when they buy space to better achieve their goals. ” explains Brian Boland. In fact, the paid communication tools on Facebook make it easier to reach the target. It also makes it possible to reach a wider audience, more accurately than with simple organic content.

Here some suggestions:

  • Optimize page performance by experimenting with different types of content.
  • Test different times of the day to post your publications to see which ones are the most engaging.
  • Create posts that lead users to engage.
  • And adopt a multi-channel strategy!