Visitor Conversion: The Importance of Colors

By 30 November 2017September 19th, 2018Graphic Studio

Whether you decide to create your website to better publicize your company and your products or boost your sales, it is a non-negligible criterion that you will necessarily have to take into consideration: color.

Indeed, after having demonstrated to you that this one has a great influence on the conversion visitor in client, we will help you, with our advices, to choose the color best suited to your objectives.

Colors influence visitor conversion

Colors strongly affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to many studies, for 85% of them, color is the primary reason for purchase. In addition, the color change of a product can radically increase sales.

Color is also an important vector of recognition of the brand, essential criterion to differentiate itself from the competitors.

Why such influence?

Colors all have an unconscious meaning that will affect the purchase decision and knowing these different meanings will help to tailor the design or renovation of your website.

Be careful though, if you want to open up to foreign markets because the meaning of a color may vary from one country to another! Think also about the color of Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons: it has actually been shown that their colors have a significant impact on sales.

So, how to choose the right colors?

You will understand, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. We recommend that you try different tests on your site. Be aware, for example, that for a female audience, you will choose blue, green or purple.

If you are targeting male consumers, choose green, blue or black. It is better, however, before you start, to approach a professional graphic designer that will know, through its professional experience, to advise you at best.

Now you want to get started: we are ready to help you!