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Does your company have a website, but you do not have time to update it? Or you do not know how to do or you find some difficult tasks? Gini Concept Design supports the upgrades and maintenance of your website for you.

We support any site designed on Open Source CMS WordPress.

Stay up to date!

Why subscribe to a webmastering package for your website?

  • The content of your website is no longer up to date
  • You notice dysfunctions
  • Your site has just been attacked
  • You want to make changes regularly
  • You have done a bad manipulation on your administrator interface

Our areas of intervention

Once your site is published and optimized, you must keep it up to date and make it live so that it remains pleasant to visit.

  • Updating the content of your site (pages, texts, images, …)
  • Saving your data
  • Restoring data in the event of a crash on your website
  • Site re-release after an attack
  • Updates & evolution (theme, plugin, …)
  • Adding features
  • Emailing (creating your newsletters, sending, ROI)
  • Advice and assistance

Our website support packages

It is strongly advised, for the security and the good functioning of your site, to keep it updated with each new version of the WordPress CMS, the theme and the plugins used.

Gini Concept Design offers monthly and without obligation plans to support your website.

Depending on your needs and the size of your site we set up a web maintenance contract based on a decreasing hourly rate depending on the quantity.

"Time tracking" or per-minute billing

Per-minute billing is the most appropriate and cost-effective way for WordPress website projects. Upon receipt of each request, we start the time tracking, and we stop it as soon as the task is completed.


$ 165

4 hours


$ 370

10 hours


$ 530

15 hours

Reactive maintenance on your website, the majority of cases are treated within 24 hours

Offer without obligation

Monthly monitoring of your support contract