Website Audit

Improve the performance of your website through a detailed analysis

Audit or analysis of website

Why perform a website audit?

The SEO audit is a critical step before starting a web positioning strategy.

It is a thorough study of the presence of your brand on the web. We carry out analyzes on site and off site which allow us to understand the current state of your website (current visibility, evolution of positions, competition, architecture, performances, contents, …) and advise you on improvement and optimization points.

At the end of this SEO audit are listed the criteria blocking your evolution and the opportunities of positioning. This information allows us to establish a set of recommendations to optimize your website and take full advantage of its potential.

When does it need to perform a website audit?

Usualy every 2 or 3 years. Indeed, web technologies are evolving rapidly and it is preferable to make a less expensive redesign while it is still possible to evolve a platform without posing problems of incompatibility of languages, technologies or CMS.

An SEO audit allows to know how your website is positioned on the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo!
How is it understood and ranked in the results pages by the search engine?

Our SEO audits are divided into 4 parts

You can also choose to entrust us with only one of these four audits

Technical audit

In-depth analysis of the code and the factors that may be blocking.
You can then correct technical errors disturbing your website SEO.

Content audit

Identification and analysis of your keywords. Checking if your content is rich and not duplicated. You will allow to organize the structure and site links and create quality content.

Netlinking audit

Analysis of your strategy links, yous backlinks and those of your competitors. We provide you guidance for your link acquisition strategy.

Competitors audit

What are the strengths & weaknesses of your website against its competitors? List of the most referenced and visible actors. Detailed analysis by keywords.

What do we audit?

Site Structure
& Ergonomics

Design & Graphisme

& Mandatory information

Technical elements

Search Engine Optimisaion


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