Website redesign

A simple graphic redesign or a sophisticated ergonomic redesign. For an optimal result, the redesign of a website requires specific skills such as webdesign, project management, integration or SEO.

A website redesign does not necessarily mean starting from scratch. Keep your strengths and improve blocking points.

Indeed, redesigning its website does not only change its appearance, you must also think about adding features, improve its content and SEO or even rethink the structure.

Website redesign is above all giving its site the opportunity to reposition itself and stand out from its competitors. By having “new skin”, you confirm your presence and your expertise with your market.

Excellent motivations

Why redesign your website?

  • An outdated and not rewarding design
  • Your navigation is no longer intuitive
  • Your sales volume decreases and your traffic as well
  • SEO – Your website is not optimizing for search engines
  • Responsive – Your site is not readable on mobiles and tablets
  • A new activity – Your website needs to evolve
  • Your marketing goals have changed
  • New features – You want to add some (newsletter, forum, reservation module, member access, etc.)
  • You are experiencing more and more frequent dysfunctions
Several actions

We step in at different levels of redesign

  • Graphic redesign
  • Structural & ergonomic redesign
  • Content redesign
  • SEO redesign

Step of website redesign

Our methodology

Take advantage of your website redesign to review your marketing strategy. Each redesign project is unique, so we always start with a full audit of your site.


  • SEO Audit and Competitive Analysis
  • Setting new marketing targets
  • Targets analysis
  • Drafting of the functional specifications


  • Structure & tree view
  • Design proposals
  • Analysis of current content and writing of new content
  • Implementation of graphics
  • Insertion of contents

Development and lauching

  • Web development
  • Tests (user experience, ergonomics, navigation, links …)
  • Putting on-line
  • User manual
  • Video tutorials