What is an ergonomics audit?

By 8 February 2018September 19th, 2018Marketing Strategy

An ergonomic audit is the analysis of an interface based on ergonomic principles and rules. Whatever the stage of realization of your project, the ergonomic audit is an essential step. It must be able to be launched regularly during the pivotal periods of the life of a project.

It is recommended to perform an ergonomic evaluation of its interface:

  • Upstream, in the case of a redesign of a site.
  • Before the technical integration of an achievement, the graphic design is analyzed from an ergonomic point of view or functional design.
  • Soon after launching the application (software or web), after interaction with users.

Our advice: make an ergonomic evaluation of your interface before the final phase of development. This prevention will allow you to avoid excessive costs of complete reworking of the interface and save a lot of time.

The ergonomic audit can evaluate a website, an online application, and also storyboards, concept models, graphic proposals and especially the final interfaces.

Each type of interface requires an ergonomic audit of its own. For example, the graphic model audit focuses on visual accessibility and readability.

Much different from the audit of a fully functional site that focuses on the analysis of invisible elements: interface movements, loading times, relevance of system responses (eg in a search engine). .

The scope of the ergonomic audit will be determined by the marketing or strategic concerns of the owner.

The Guide to Ergonomic Audit:

A good ergonomic audit is a judicious compromise between taking into account the 12 ergonomic rules and a detailed list of evaluation criteria for an interface solution. Anyway, an ergonomic standard gives you a rule to design your interface by getting an effect on the user.

The ergonomic audit starts on a list of ADAPTABLE generic rules according to the precise characteristics of the interface and its users! The breadcrumb of the ergonomic approach is that of your users.

In close collaboration with the ergonomist, you establish starting objectives according to your commercial imperatives, our expert then carries out the audit in a rigorous way.

The ergonomic assessment method is a plan that goes from the general to the particular.

There are three essential stages of work:

  1. Utility Analysis: Does the interface really reflect its utility? Is the information understandable quickly?
  2. Analysis of the use: The navigation is fluid, the architecture of the site is it usable?
  3. In-depth study of the two previous steps.